Assurance schemes

British free range egg farms can belong to a number of farm assurance schemes.


The Lion Quality Mark is stamped onto eggs by producers who are signed up to its Lion Quality Code of Practice. It covers the entire production chain and incorporates food safety controls above and beyond those outlined in current UK and EU legislation.

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Laid In Britain is a food safety and hen welfare assurance scheme run by the United Kingdom Egg Producers Association specifically for independent egg producers and retailers who supply locally. Membership of this scheme ensures they comply with the most stringent health and safety regulations in the market, proving they are a credible source of Salmonella free eggs.

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RSPCA Assured, previously Freedom Food, is the RSPCA’s food label dedicated to farm animal welfare. If there’s an RSPCA Assured label on the packaging of the eggs it means the farm the eggs came from have been assessed and meets the RSPCA’s animal welfare standards.

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